What is the Zertifikat Deutsch (Goethe-Zertifikat B1)

What is the Zertifikat Deutsch (Goethe-Zertifikat B1)?
This certification is recognized in Germany and many other countries. Passing the exam provides a solid foundation of knowledge and allows correct communication in all important situations. A person with this certificate is familiar with about two thousand words and grammatical structures.

ZD exam consists of written examination, which lasts about 150 minutes, and a 15-minute oral exam.

The written examination

  • Reading comprehension (Leseverstehen) - matching sentences in the short texts, and work with a longer text choosing the correct answer (multiple choice).
  • Solving grammatical and lexical (Sprachbausteine) - filling gaps in the text on the basis of few words to choose from.
  • Listening comprehension (Hörverstehen) - after listening to short texts (once or twice) you need to answer the question (answer true / false).
  • Written Statement (Schriftlicher Ausdruck) - you need to write a private or semi-formal letter to the given topic.

Speaking (Mündliche Prüfung)

  • A brief conversation with the candidate on general topics (family, school, residence, etc.) (3 min).
  • Talking about the proposed by the commission topic. (6 min).
  • The solution of the problem / issue raised by the commission (6min).

ZD Dates
This is a seasonal exam held twice a year.

ZD Tests
The tests used during the exam in previous years are available at: www.goethe.de/lrn/prj/pba/bes/gzd/mat/enindex.htm and www.goethe.de/lrn/pro/ZD-online/ZD.htm .

ZD assessment and examination results
Terms of passing exam: You should get minimum 60% of points: minimum 135 points from the written part and a minimum of 45 points from the speaking.