What is the Zentrale Mittelstufenprüfung (Goethe-Zertifikat C1)

It is an examination at an advanced level. It is honored by some universities in Germany exempt from entrance examination of the German language. In Poland, this certificate entitles teachers to teach the German language in primary grades 1-3.

The certificate attests knowledge of German enabling to communicate in writing and in speaking and freely expressing views ion private and professional life.

ZD exam consists of four parts.

  • Reading comprehension (Leseverstehen) – filling gaps in text, ordering text and selecting missing in text parts based on multiple choice answers.
  • Listening comprehension (Hörverstehen) - It is divided into two parts. First, after listening to recordings the task is to fill the gaps in the text. In the second part after listening to the recording the task is to mark correct multiple choice answer.
  • Written Statement (Schriftlicher Ausdruck) - It is divided into two parts. In the first one the task is to write text on the basis of given instruction. The second part is filling gaps based on the transformation of formal expressions from the text to informal or vice versa.
  • Speaking (Mündliche Prüfung) - The first part is a monologue - speech on the given topic according to given instruction and the second part is discussion on a pointed topic.

Speaking (Mündliche Prüfung)
A brief conversation with the candidate on general topics (family, school, residence, etc.) (3 min).
Talking about the proposed by the commission topic. (6 min).
Solving the problem / issues raised by the commision (6min).

ZMP dates
It is seasonal exam and takes place two times a year.
ZMP tests
The tests used during the exam in previous years are available on: www.goethe.de.
Assessment and examination results ZD

To pass the exam you need minimum 60% of points: Up to 100 points can be obtained:

  • minimum of 45 points for the written part;
  • minimum of 15 points with some oral.