What is Nivel Superior

Nivel Superior (formerly Diploma Superior de Espanol) is certification at a very advanced level. It documents the specific vocabulary knowledge, including knowledge of Spanish culture and customs. This is an exam that requires more substantial preparation than lower levels. Besides, you must know the specific words, called "Frases hechas ".

Nivel Superior exam consists of five parts:

  • Comprensión de Lecture (reading comprehension) - part lasts 60 minutes. It consists of two tasks. The first is a selection of the correct answer to 9 questions. Responses shall be indicated on the basis of three, givem texts whose length is limited to 800 words. The second task is a logical arrangement of the text as a whole divided into 10 fragments.
  • Expresión Escrita (writing) - the part lasts 60 minutes. The student is to write a short, at around 150 to 200 words, formal letter, and any other text of similar length.
  • Comprensión auditiva (listening) - part lasts 45 minutes. On the basis of four different recordings (these are interviews, television news and dialogues among a group of people), candidates must answer 16 closed questions concerning them.
  • Gramática y vocabulario (grammar and vocabulary) - part lasts 60 minutes. In this section, there are two tasks, one in a multiple-choice test form and the other is a grammar exercise. One part is a text containing 20 gaps to fill. Next candidates must answer 35 closed questions. The final task of this part is to find five grammatical errors in the text.
  • Expresión oral (speaking) - part lasts 10 to 15 minutes. The task of the student is to conduct conversation lasting about 10 to 15 minutes.

In order for a test for a given level to be counted and confirmed with certificate, candidates must get positive result from each separate part. The end result can be either "apto" meaning passed, or "no apto" failed.