What is Nivel Intermedio

Nivel Intermedio (formerly Diploma Básico de Español) is a certificate documenting communicative knowledge of Spanish, similar to the required level in English FCE.

Nivel Intermedio exam consists of five parts:

  • Comprensión de Lecture (reading comprehension) - part lasts 60 minutes. The task is to select the correct answers to 12 questions. Responses shall be indicated on the basis of given four texts, whose length is limited to 450 words.
  • Expresión Escrita (writing) - part lasts 60 minutes. The student is to write a short, at around 150 to 200 words, informal letter, and any other text of similar length.
  • Comprensión auditiva (listening) - part lasts 30 minutes. On the basis of four different conversations (they may be interviews, news, etc.), candidates must answer 12 closed, concerning them questions.
  • Gramática y vocabulario (grammar and vocabulary) - part lasts 60 minutes. In this section there are two tasks in a form of multiple-choice test. One part is a text containing 20 gaps to fill. The second part has 40 dialogues, of which each have a blank space.
  • Expresión oral (conversation) - part lasts 10-15 minutes. The task of the student is to conduct conversation lasting about 10-15 minutes.